How to Change Currency in Google Flight Searches

How to Change Currency in Google Flight Searches

How to Change Currency in Google Flight


If you’re planning a trip and looking for the best deals on airline tickets, Google Flights can be a great tool. However, if you’re used to searching in one currency and would like to switch to another, it’s not always obvious how to accomplish this task. In this guide, we’ll cover how to quickly and easily change the currency you see in Google Flights searches.

Open Google Flights and select your destination.

To begin your flight search, open Google Flights and enter the details of your departure and arrival airports or cities. You can then see the various flights offered to your destination, including ticket prices. You’ll notice that these prices are listed in the default currency of your location (in most cases USD). However, if you’d like to change this currency to another type, we’ll cover how to do it next.

To change your currency in Google Flights, simply click on the ‘Settings’ option in the bottom left corner of the page. Scroll down the menu to select which currency you’d like to view prices in (such as EUR or GBP) and click done to save your selection. You’ll see that flipped-style international currency symbols will now appear next to each ticket price and all prices will correspond to the currency you have chosen.

Look for the currency dropdown menu on the “Flights” tab.

Once you’ve opened the Flights tab, look for the small dropdown menu with a currency label beside it. Click on it and you’ll be able to select from various currencies such as US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), and more. Choose one and you’ll instantly see the flight prices in this currency. You can also switch back to any other currency if you wish.
To make sure you are getting the best exchange rate on flights, check with your bank or credit card company before you purchase. Many institutions have their rates for international transactions which may be better than what Google offers. Once you’ve chosen the right currency, proceed with booking a flight as usual – just don’t forget to pick the same currency during checkout! There is also a “Currency Coder” feature on Google Flights that allows you to compare prices between different currencies, so if you’re having a tough time deciding which one to choose this could be very helpful.

Choose the currency you want from drop down list.

Click on the small dropdown menu with a currency label beside it. The list includes US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP) and more. Select one from the list and you’ll be able to see the flight prices in that specific currency. If you want to change back again to any other currency, repeat this step and switch your choice of currency.
You will be able to compare the total cost of different flights in various currencies easily by this method. Make sure to select the currency with the lowest value compared to your local currency for the maximum savings possible. To make it easier for quick reference, use either Google Sheets or another online spreadsheet service such as Excel Online or Smartsheet and input the prices from each flight in different currencies. It makes it easier to compare multiple results and find out which one gives you maximum savings with minimal effort.

See if there’s a discount for converting your currency directly in Google Flights instead of at an exchange location or bank.

You can always check Google Flights to see if the fare depends on your choice of currency. If the rate for a specific currency is cheaper than what you’ll find at the exchange shop or bank, then you should go ahead with the conversion in Google Flights. Keep in mind that exchange rates can change from one hour to another, so be sure to check back from time to time!

On Google Flights, you can use the ‘Currency Converter’ feature to compare the fares in different currencies. You’ll find it on the left-hand side of the search results page. Here, you can select a currency and see how your fare changes when you convert. Once you find a favorable exchange rate, confirm that it’s the same as at a local bank or exchange shop – then go ahead and complete your booking! Just make sure to calculate what your total price will be in your own currency before proceeding to check out. By confirming conversion rates directly with vendors outside of Google Flights, you’ll get the most accurate rate!

Confirm that you want to change the currency and let the search engine check prices in your preferred unit of pocket money.

Before making the currency switch, you’ll have to confirm that you definitely want to make the change. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button next to your preferred currency selection. Once the confirmation step is completed, Google Flights will display its search results in your chosen unit of pocket money. All you have to do now is wait until you find a great deal that fits your budget!

One great thing about Google Flights is that it can be used to search for the best deals in different currencies. To switch currencies, all you have to do is open up the currency selector located at the top-right corner of your screen and pick your preferred unit of pocket money. Once you’ve made the selection, simply hit ‘Confirm’ and wait until Google Flights completes its new search with your desired currency. This will make it easier than ever to find cheap flights while spending the least amount of pocket money possible.

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